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Toyota_14 L23_Dennis7Dees_B L28_JupiterHotel-com L26_MVM
La Campeona_14 beaumonde_14 L33_Verizon SnowCap_14
L16-SYP L10-Nelly L09-AlegreTV L18-pdxlatino
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Jarritos_14 Modelo_14 L21-Filler L21-Filler

Be a 2014 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Sponsor

Become a viable partner of a remarkable, one of a kind, cultural exchange experience in the Portland metro area.

Cinco de Mayo is Portland’s largest Hispanic event and  focuses on the  Latino heritage through authentic dance, cuisine, art and music.

For more information on becoming a sponsor please contact Armando Gonzales 503-317-3560

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