Portland Cinco de Mayo | Guadalajara Artisan Village
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Guadalajara Artisan Village

Guadalajara Artisan Village

Do you love the arts? If you do you should come walk through our Guadalajara Artisan Village at this years Portland Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park! All day on May 4th, 5th, and 6th in the Artisan Area right outside the Main Stage tent we will be having six booths filled with artisans from Tonala, Mexico, selling their goods and explaining their crafts. These Mexican artists and craftsmen spend all year hand-making their work, to be sold at the Fiesta. All the tables will be filled with a lot of toys, art, crafts and other great Mexican gifts for purchase.  

To celebrate the new direction of the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, we have asked Mariano Palacios to make something really special this year. Mariano Palacios is a renowned artist from Tonala, which is an artisan community outside of Guadalajara. Mariano has created 6 amazing pieces of artwork that will be at the fronts of our Guadalajara Artisan Village. Mariano has created six, unique designs, born from his home in Tonalá, and the stories and images of Guadalajara and Mexico. Mariano draws the figures, cuts them out by hand, sands them down to shape and then paints them the most vibrant colors.  Each facade comes in five large panels for the top, and two long legs to the tent. Mariano paints the background, then attaches painted wood cutouts, which makes all his characters and objects jump out in life.

In the Guadalajara Artisan Village you will be able to buy the authentic, hand-crafted crafts! While exploring beautiful artwork in the open-air market, take advantage of opportunities to meet with the artisans who have traveled all the way from Guadalajara and Tonalá, Mexico to share their talents and sell their goods. So come check them out and check out the pictures below that give you a little sneak preview at what you can see in the Artisan Village.

Admission is $10 for adults and kids 13 and over; $7 for kids 6-12, and $7 for seniors over 62. Kids 6 and under enter free! The Fiesta will be open from 11:00am to 11:00pm on Friday May 4, Saturday May 5, and Sunday May 6.



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